Create a Profitable Sales Pipeline

Thu 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Marketing and Sales

This presentation from an expert in the field will include topics such as:

  • Where do your leads come from?
  • Why do they dry up?
  • How do you track your leads in the pipeline?

We all recognize the need for a strong and defined sales funnel, yet many business owners don’t really know where leads come from or why they dry up. Once a lead is in your pipeline, what happens to it and how it is tracked or nurtured? All these issues will be discussed during this class which is important for the health of your business during the time of COVID with tips on how to adapt your pipeline. This training will be looked at as a larger part of a digital marketing strategy which will include off-line strategies too.

Presented by: Deborah Dickerson, business coach –North Idaho Small Business Development Center Deborah Dickerson, MBA, PMP, has been working with small businesses for the past 7 years particularly in the area of digital marketing. She has an extensive business background from working in many industries from healthcare to finance in both the public and private sectors.

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